Fun with Fermentation

I may be the most surprised of all that at the ripe old age of 28 I’ve become obsessed with fermentation.

After moving to NYC and I found most of my hobbies centered around drinking. Is that just me, or is that New York? So when I searched for a new hobby, one slightly healthier, it’s not surprising that I somehow ended up back with booze.

To be fair, I started drinking kombucha for health reasons, the probiotics calming my gut after even a night out consuming the most inflammatory of food and drink. Knowing that kombucha already contained trace amounts of alcohol (maybe that’s why it fixes a hangover so well), I figured that amount could be increased and maybe I could eliminate two problems at once.

I would have a healthy alcoholic beverage so the normal kombucha wouldn’t be required in the morning…not that I’ll stop drinking it!

Plus making Boozy Booch is the equivalent of the fun science projects we had in school – like making things explode…not that that ever happens…

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